Motorsport UK and UK General Radio Licences 2020

Notice from John Clayton:

As most people know I am the licence holder for both licences for TOB radios which are normally due on June 1st.

This year Motorsport UK have not issued any reminders as yet and therefore I am yet to receive further instructions with regard to this year. A decision I believe is imminent as to the amount due(normally £5 per set per year).

Also this year sees the UK General licence to be due. This is a 5 year licence to cover what many call the colours frequencies for private use. This fee is £10 per person for 5 years ( ie £2 per year).

Normally I collect both at the same time and I propose to do exactly this once I have the decision from Motorsport UK.

Several of you have been asking what is happening so please do nothing until I am in a position to clarify what the fees will be for 2020 and I will communicate via e-mail and here on the new website.

Thank you for your forbearance,

John Clayton.